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Guaranteed Cross Auction & Covered with Stocks


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Market Quality and Liquidity

Experience enhanced market quality with increased liquidity, making each trade more effective and impactful.

Reduced Risks and Errors

Minimize manual interventions, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the efficiency of your trades.

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of financial markets, Montréal Exchange is taking a significant leap forward by offering Guaranteed Cross Auction and Covered with Stocks functionalities. 

Designed for the modern trader, these tools are set to revolutionize how market participants interact with our platform, enhancing their trading experience in the Canadian options market.

Maximize Efficiency, Enhance Your Trading

Increasing Liquidity Across the Canadian Listed Yield Curve with LGB   

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Enjoy an enhanced trading experience with Montréal Exchange’s Guaranteed Cross Auction and Covered with Stocks functionalities.

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Guaranteed Cross Auction and Covered with Stocks

Covered with Stocks: Streamline Option Trades

Covered with Stocks is our strategic response to the complexities in executing contingent option trades. This functionality automates the execution of options-to-stocks strategies, reducing execution risks and ensuring seamless, risk-free transactions. With this innovative tool, we’re simplifying processes and transforming them.


  • Effortlessly combine different elements of your trade strategy, including Delta, Variable leg, and Fixed leg, into a coherent whole.
  • Execute options and stocks simultaneously without the fear of market slippage, ensuring a secure trading experience.
  • Enjoy quicker execution times and clearer visibility into trades, elevating your trading to new levels of efficiency.
  • A minimum of 12% delta is required to use the Covered with Stocks functionality.

Guaranteed Cross Auction: Elevate Trade Execution

The Guaranteed Cross Auction functionality will lead to an Auction for transactions with a quantity lower than the threshold specified in table of Article 6.205 (b) of the Rules. Over that specified threshold, the Guaranteed Cross Auction functionality will lead to a zero second cross without Auction, if selected as such by the participants when sending the orders. Otherwise, an Auction will take place regardless of the order size with the use of this functionality.

Join a platform that’s evolving to meet the demands of global participants, ensuring you're continually trading on a world-class exchange.


  • Engage in a unique auction process, ensuring optimal price discovery.
  • Benefit from the option of immediate trade execution for larger orders, enhancing trade fluidity.
  • Experience tailored auction durations, accommodating various types of trading strategies.
  • Auctions can be initiated at prices up to 4 decimals.

MX Options Structure

LIVE AS OF JUNE 3, 2024!