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Secured General Collateral Notes (SGC)


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Introducing Secured General Collateral Notes


Access short-term investments secured by High-quality Liquid Assets

Compatible with investment and regulatory policies

Active standard risk management by CDCC

Bankruptcy remoteness from issuer and TMX and its affiliates  

The Secured General Collateral (SGC) Note is a short-term secured debt instrument fully collateralized by high-quality securities. Developed in consultation with industry, SGC Notes are designed to help foster a highly liquid market through standardization and customization. Compatible with buy-side investment constraints, SGC Notes offer a better balance between dealers’ funding needs and investors’ preferences regarding yield, term, credit quality, risk management and liquidity.
SGC Notes will be sponsored by participating CDCC Clearing Members via a general clearing repo and will be available to institutional investors through an ordinary sale on the cash market or through a bilateral repo. The notes will be discounted on issuance and have maturity dates ranging from 30 to 90 days. Investors will receive the note’s face value upon redemption.
The value and eligibility of SGC Notes will be managed through CDCC’s robust and active risk management processes.


Increasing Liquidity Across the Canadian Listed Yield Curve with LGB   

SGC Notes are currently under review by regulatory bodies and the Canadian Fixed-Income Forum (CFIF) BA-related working group. Please complete the form below to sign up for updates and information on the product’s launch.

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High transparency and collateral disclosure standards

Vibrant and liquid borrowing and lending market

About CDCC and CDS

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Lower investment risks

SGC Notes: An innovative cash money-market instrument designed for the BA transition